Gary Scott endorses BUPA/Kevin!

Friday, December 16 2005 @ 10:48 AM EST

Contributed by: Kevin Bradley

From International Financial Advisor Gary Scott's Dec. 12 newsletter "Spotting Trends in Insurance Change":

Change is taking place at an increasing pace. Spotting trends can help us live and invest better. One big change is that many people are changing residences. More and more people choose to live in countries other than where they were born and have lived.

With the current exodus out of USA and Canada, many new residents are coming to Latin America.

Often an important factor in determining whether a person can move abroad is finding good health insurance.  Moving to Ecuador or Panama or wherever and leaving current health insurance behind is a difficult decision. Remember, Medicare does NOT cover you outside the USA. There is a solution!

BUPA International started in 1947 and I have known of them for over 30 years. I was involved with their Hong Kong operation in the early 70s. BUPA is a solid British Insurance Company. Have a look at the web site at BUPA is the world's largest international expatriate health insurer, providing quality cover to people who are in their home country or living and working abroad.

BUPA issues health insurance coverage for people up to age 70, even though there are preexisting conditions involved.  They may include an exclusion, but they will accept all non-terminal applicants. 

Kevin Bradley, an insurance Broker residing in Panama visited BUPA's home office in London and has cemented a relationship with this fine company.  BUPA is the company that he uses to cover himself and his clients who live abroad. Kevin finds that his insurance business has become totally focused on this new market.  He is becoming the EXPAT "insurance expert" in Panama, selling and serving these folks with their auto, fire, life and most important.....INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE. If you need help or advice in this area, you can reach Kevin
at: or by email at:

Until next message, I hope that all your health insurance premiums are wasted!


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