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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 02:35 AM EDT

Panama "Roadside Assistance" Stickers!

Automobile InsuranceMost every company issuing auto insurance in Panama offers emergency roadside attention for accidents and breakdowns.

The purpose of this article is to remind everyone who drives in our very "special" traffic to put the Roadside Assistance stickers on their windshields. If you suffer a mechanical breakdown, flat tire or collision. With the emergency Tel number easily in view, a call to your insurance company's "asistencia vial" service will bring help. Be sure to keep a copy of your auto policy in the vehicle, the company operator will ask for the policy number.

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Be sure to ask your broker for this valuable tool. If you do NOT have the plastic sticker with the emergency telephone number of your insurance company in plain view pasted to your windshield, CALL US! at 322-1612, 322-1605, we will seek one from your auto insurance company.

Article 21 of the Panama Motor Vehicle Code stipulates that you must carry the original or a copy of the Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular (Automobile Title Registration document) in your vehicle at all times. Failure to present the Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular may result in a fine of $25.00.

Here are several emergency telephone #'s of different companies offering this emergency service :

AssaMovil 205-0220 Chartis/National Union Assistance 205-0244 MAFRE Assist 390-9090 HSBC 265-8255 GenHelp 800-4357 Internacional de Seguros 265-2881 SURA 214-4175

Third parties who may be injured at the accident will have to agree to pay for your company's ambulance service and your policy will reimburse them, if you are later found responsible for the accident. Third parties (not passengers in your vehicle) may choose to call Seguro Social or Santo Tomas Hospital ambulance service.....both use 911.

"Roadside Assistance" Works! You will appreciate this service and it could be a life saver, if you have an accident or mechanical problems while driving in Panama!

Please let me know kevin@panamakevin.com about your experience with these services (good or bad)........Kevin


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