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Wednesday, December 12 2018 @ 02:36 PM UTC

Are you driving illegally in Panama? Do you lend your vehicle to friends or family?

Automobile InsuranceSeveral insurance clients have communicated to me that the Panama Transito police have stopped them for an infraction or at one of the frequent roadblocks and asked them to provide various documents. In some cases, such as failure to produce a "valid" drivers license, the vehicle was impounded!

Are you driving with a "valid drivers license?


Artículo 110, is the law/article that regulates foreigners using a
drivers license other than Panamanian while operating a vehicle. It says that you may drive on your home
country valid license for 90 days....no extensions! If you are a legal resident of Panama....your foreign drivers license is NOT valid and you MUST obtain a Panama drivers permit/license!

Your Panama insurance policy covers only drivers who have your permission and a valid drivers license. Do NOT lend your vehicle to anyone who does not have a VALID drivers license.

Here is a share of another incident at a roadblock: "Don’t forget that you need your original license, not a copy. That cost me $150 to find out". Always carry your original drivers license!

Article 21 of the Panama Motor Vehicle Code stipulates that you must carry the original or a copy of the Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular (Automobile Title Registration document) in your vehicle at all times. Failure to present the Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular may result in a fine of $25.00.

Here is a list of additional documents you must keep in your vehicle:

A current copy of the automobile insurance policy.

Formato Unico para Accidentes de Transito Menor /FUD (Minor accident form). You must have three copies of this form (one for each driver involved in the accident and one for the insurance company of the guilty party).

Reglamento de Transito (usually for sale in Arrocha).

First Aid Kit and roadside traffic triangle!

The basic insurance liability limits required by Panama law are $5,000K/$10,000K/$5,000K. We recommend minimum liability limits of at least $25,000/$50,000/$20,000. For more info visit: www.panamakevin.com Call Kevin 6674-1063, Carmen at 322-1605 or email cdunkley@ducruet.com


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