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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 12:49 AM UTC

Flood in my apartment!

Fire/Theft  Claims!After a rare night out until 1 AM, I came home to a flooded apartment! The small plastic tube feeding the toilet water tank had sprung a leak affecting my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and laundry. After closing the main water valve to my apartment, I got to work mopping the floors enough to get by until morning. What a dilemma, but I was too tired to do anything at 2am!

Drifting off to sleep, I remembered that I sell and own a Multi-risk contents policy with Generali and called their emergency assistance tel# at first light. The policy has coverage for emergency plumbing, electrical, locksmith etc. A plumber was in my apartment within 2 hours and the leak was repaired. The only cost to me was the generous tip I gave for showing up on Sunday morning.


I have a $20,000 comprehensive multi-risk contents policy described here:


and pay a little over $100/yr.

Very little sleep last night.......time for a nap!

If you wish to have a quote for this type of coverage for your home/apartment....email


or call me at 322-1605....322-1603 direct


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