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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 09:05 PM EDT

Panama Honeowners Contents Coverage-How to Apply?

Fire InsuranceIn order to issue coverage for the Muli-risk Homeowners contents coverage, we will need:

1. $$$ value of the contents? Furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, artwork, jewelry
2. Exact address of the residence? Name of the insured...should be issued in your name or name of renter.
3. What security measures does the building/property have? For example 24 hours security guard, gate at the entrance, anti-theft alarm, steel doors or bars on windows?
4. Are you planning on renting the property to third parties? A special "renters" endorsement is available.
5. Tel#, Cel#, email address?

¨Persona Natural¨ form (if property is in your name) or Persona Juridica form (completed by legal rep. of Corp.). This is an "anti money laundering" form required for every Panama policy with over $300 premium (more bureaucratic BS that must be kept on file in our office) Fill in the sections identified as ¨Datos Generales¨ and ¨Datos Ocupacionales¨ and sign where it says ¨Firma del Cliente¨. We will be glad to help you complete in the form.


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