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Wednesday, December 12 2018 @ 03:14 PM UTC

Panama License ATTT Plate/Insurance Verification

Automobile InsuranceEffective June18, 2018 the ATTT authorities will be able to verify the validity of insurance policies through a compulsory traffic accident insurance Platform (SOAT).

To check that your vehicle insurance is valid and has been registered, you will need to access the platform, submit your cedula or passport number + ID Control no. on drivers license (small numbers on lower right side), enter the vehicle plate No. and confirm ATT has your valid insurance information.

Here is the link to complete the exercise:


If you do not obtain a positive result, you must contact your insurance company to renew the policy/pay the premium or have them validate that your policy is in force and corresponds to the license plate number. Failure to have your updated information on the SOAT platform may prompt the ATTT inspectors to tow away your vehicle.


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