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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 03:16 AM EDT

Panama ATTT required documents!

Automobile InsuranceTo be safe and legal while driving an auto in Panama, you must keep the following documents in your vehicle:

1. A current copy of the vehicle registration (registro unico vehicular)

2. A current copy of your auto insurance policy ( you should verify that the policy has been registered to the SOAT) site.

3. FUD form for small accidents http://www.transito.gob.pa/sites/default/files/documentos/formulario_unico.pdf

4. Reglamento de Transito booklet

5. Valid copy of your drivers license (foreign drivers license is only valid for 90 days)

The ATTT transito police will set up roadblocks to request an inspection of these documents and failure to produce any oneof them may result in a fine.


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