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"Painless Panama Auto Claim"?

TestimonialsCarmen and Kevin,

I want to thank you for your help regarding the accident I had in Chitre in July of this year.

With your help and the excellent service of the insurance company I had absolutely no problem regarding this accident.

I had to go to a hearing before a Judge as to fault ( this is the procedure in Panama I understand ) and was treated very well and did not feel ill at ease being a "gringo". The fact that the insurance company provided an attorney for me at no expense is a tremendous benefit of your company. The other party ( Panamanian taxi driver ) was found to be at fault by the Judge even though he was a " local ".

Although this was not a pleasant experience you and the insurance company you represent made it as painless as possible.

Once again thank you for the excellent service,

Hugh C. Avis

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Panama Flood Insurance

Fire InsuranceIt is important that you check your fire insurance policy to make sure that is contains coverage for flood and water damage.

Fire Insurance policies for structures in the Republic of Panama are similar to those issued in the USA, Canada and Europe. The basic fire policy usually includes "extended coverage" for occurrences other than fire. This extended coverage should include Flood & Water damage, Explosion, Earthquake, Windstorm, Lightning, Smoke damage, Falling Objects and Debris Removal after an incident.

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About Ducruet!

About UsThis article is by David Young from La Estrella Online newspaper, 18 December, 2007.

My staff, clients and I have moved to L.R. Ducruet y Hijos, effective August 1, 2007.

A company - where honor and service walk hand in hand

Breakfast in a private room at a five star hotel may not be a big deal for a jet-hopping business executive, but it's an event to be savoured when your role in the company could be office cleaner or coffee room supervisor. Especially when the meeting is sans departmental managers, but includes the company president.
For Luis "Tito" Ducruet, who heads one of Panama's leading insurance brokers, it's a bi-monthly event when he sits down with his grass roots employees to listen to their concerns and suggestions and to share with them his plans and dreams for the future. The meetings are fruitful and have produced many innovative approaches to management, and underline the cooperative philosophy of a company that has expanded its business by 800 percent in the past six years.
It also gives the company the opportunity to reinforce its commitment to the statment that sits on a plinth in front of the company headquarters, a commitment to honor.

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Roadside assistance works!

Automobile InsuranceBuenos Dias Kevin, Carmen, and Rosita,

Dan and I wish to extend our heartfelt THANKS to all of you for helping us through the incident with the crazy lady at Price Smart who accused us of hitting her car. Kevin, you went way out of your way to assist us by coming to our aide in person. And Carmen and Rosita, your prompt response to my frantic phone call with policy number information was also greatly appreciated. And will you all please convey to Giovanni our "thanks" for staying with us throughout the whole ordeal? Additionally, please do tell Giovanni's employer that this young man is extremely professional, competent, and courteous.

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Does your insurance include ROAD SERVICE?

Automobile Insurance

Here's our experience:

We didn't realize / remember that ours did, but when we returned from a trip to the States and found a flat tire smiling back at us, we called Kevin for a suggestion. That's when he told us to look on our insurance documents for the phone number. The guy was there in a flash.

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Auto Ins. A Client's View!

Automobile InsuranceThis was posted to the "Altos de Maria" Yahoo Discussion Group

Auto Insurance ... My View
Posted by: "Bob Askew" rtaskew@yahoo.com rtaskew
Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:18 am (PST)

First ... I want to say that I am no expert on auto insurance in Panama; however I am a careful observer, and I have experienced first-hand insurance issues and claims here.

I've been living here full-time (with a car) for over 3 years and have had my cars insured with Kevin Bradley.

Kevin is also a friend; we grew up together in the former Canal Zone. After he went to Texas A&M, he returned to Panama and has been here doing insurance since the early 70's -- first with the US military and Americans working with the canal, and then mostly Panamanians and now he's doing a lot of Expat business.

Me? ... I did a military career, retired and moved back here to live.

Just watching and observing Kevin do business and deal with clients, I have gotten a bit of an insight into how some of this works:

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Myths and Misconceptions about Healthcare and Health Insurance

Health InsuranceInteresting article by Michael Lamb for international travelers and Expats:

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Panama and Medicare!

Health InsuranceMy friend and client Coley Hudgins has written a great article about the trend towards medical treatment outside the USA:

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Begin 2007 with this site!

Health InsuranceA site that could help with a new you for 2007
by Ian Hughes

2 January 2007 - So the fog of New Yearís Eve is probably lifting a little easier today and all those good intentions and bold words are coming back to haunt.

If youíve said youíre going to take better care of yourself in 2007 this is a good place to start.

A collection of informative articles aimed at improving general health and wellbeing, prepared by medical professionals. You may think that itís going to be a thinly-veiled attempt by Bupa to recruit new members, but the fitness programmes, and in particular the running section, are well put-together and easy to follow without being at all condescending.

This could be the first click on the way to a fitter, healthier 2007.


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Does my Panama Fire Policy Cover "Windstorm"?

Fire Insurance With the recent occurrence of a large "Waterspout" in the vicinity of Punta Paitilla/Pacifica on Christmas Day, I have been asked to express an opinion about the coverage available in the average Panama Fire policy. Driving down Via Brazil that afternoon, I couldn't believe my eyes as I witnessed this "monster" move near Paitilla. If your policy has "extended coverage", the "windstorm" optional risk should pay for damages caused by wind (vendaval), Hurricane (Huracan), Tornado, or Waterspout (Tromba Marina). For coverage to protect your property call Kevin 322-1603 or Carmen 322-1605 More...