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Sunday, December 09 2018 @ 08:09 PM UTC

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Does your insurance include ROAD SERVICE?

Automobile Insurance

Here's our experience:

We didn't realize / remember that ours did, but when we returned from a trip to the States and found a flat tire smiling back at us, we called Kevin for a suggestion. That's when he told us to look on our insurance documents for the phone number. The guy was there in a flash.

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Auto Ins. A Client's View!

Automobile InsuranceThis was posted to the "Altos de Maria" Yahoo Discussion Group

Auto Insurance ... My View
Posted by: "Bob Askew" rtaskew@yahoo.com rtaskew
Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:18 am (PST)

First ... I want to say that I am no expert on auto insurance in Panama; however I am a careful observer, and I have experienced first-hand insurance issues and claims here.

I've been living here full-time (with a car) for over 3 years and have had my cars insured with Kevin Bradley.

Kevin is also a friend; we grew up together in the former Canal Zone. After he went to Texas A&M, he returned to Panama and has been here doing insurance since the early 70's -- first with the US military and Americans working with the canal, and then mostly Panamanians and now he's doing a lot of Expat business.

Me? ... I did a military career, retired and moved back here to live.

Just watching and observing Kevin do business and deal with clients, I have gotten a bit of an insight into how some of this works:

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Myths and Misconceptions about Healthcare and Health Insurance

Health InsuranceInteresting article by Michael Lamb for international travelers and Expats:

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Panama and Medicare!

Health InsuranceMy friend and client Coley Hudgins has written a great article about the trend towards medical treatment outside the USA:

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Begin 2007 with this site!

Health InsuranceA site that could help with a new you for 2007
by Ian Hughes

2 January 2007 - So the fog of New Yearís Eve is probably lifting a little easier today and all those good intentions and bold words are coming back to haunt.

If youíve said youíre going to take better care of yourself in 2007 this is a good place to start.

A collection of informative articles aimed at improving general health and wellbeing, prepared by medical professionals. You may think that itís going to be a thinly-veiled attempt by Bupa to recruit new members, but the fitness programmes, and in particular the running section, are well put-together and easy to follow without being at all condescending.

This could be the first click on the way to a fitter, healthier 2007.


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Does my Panama Fire Policy Cover "Windstorm"?

Fire Insurance With the recent occurrence of a large "Waterspout" in the vicinity of Punta Paitilla/Pacifica on Christmas Day, I have been asked to express an opinion about the coverage available in the average Panama Fire policy. Driving down Via Brazil that afternoon, I couldn't believe my eyes as I witnessed this "monster" move near Paitilla. If your policy has "extended coverage", the "windstorm" optional risk should pay for damages caused by wind (vendaval), Hurricane (Huracan), Tornado, or Waterspout (Tromba Marina). For coverage to protect your property call Kevin 322-1603 or Carmen 322-1605 More...
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Another Reason to Have Fire/Homeowners Insurance in Panama

Fire InsuranceA great article by Mike Horrell with pics of the Christmas Day "Waterspout" off of Punta Paitilla/Punta Pacifica! We have "windstorm/waterspout coverage in our fire insurance policies. For a policy to protect you from this event, call Kevin 322-1603 or Carmen 322-1605.

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Panama has it alló

About Us
There is much more to Panama than its famous and important Canal. This international crossroad is a great place to live.

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Expats don't look back!

About UsEight out of ten people think that moving abroad was the best decision they ever made.

The findings come following a survey of BUPA International members from around the world on their views on being an expatriate.

Paula Covey, head of marketing for BUPA International, said: "These findings, which come a year after BUPA International almost doubled in size, are in line with the growth we are seeing as more people choose to make another country their home.
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Coming to Panama? Stay Healthy!

Health InsuranceTraveling Abroad? Plan Ahead to Stay Healthy

SUNDAY, Oct. 29 (HealthDay News) -- Whether you're jetting to New Delhi on business, setting sail on the Mediterranean, or roughing it as a volunteer in Guatemala, you've got to be prepared for your medical needs.
Even a weekend in Paris requires some advance planning, travel health experts advise.

"I think maybe a lot of people don't do much of the thinking, they just do the packing," said Dr. Mark Wise, a family physician in North York, Ontario, Canada, and author of The Travel Doctor: Your Guide to Staying Healthy While You Travel.

The amount of preparation required for a trip abroad, of course, depends on many variables. You'll need to consider your destination, the length of your trip, the time of year you're traveling, and your current health condition, among other factors. Failing to do your homework, experts warn, could spoil the whole excursion.