Welcome to Kevin Bradley - Insurance in Panama
Sunday, October 21 2018 @ 10:11 AM UTC

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Medicare in Panama?

Health InsuranceNO!

The Social Security Medicare Program does NOT cover hospital or medical services outside the United States.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will only pay for hospital and medical service outside the United States under very limited circumstances.

When considering medical insurance, first find out how citizens of the country where you will reside pay their medical bills and if the same coverage is available to resident foreigners.


The U.S. government does not pay for hospital or medical services for Americans overseas and will not pay to evacuate you for treatment in the United States.
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Have Medicare? Only need coverage outside the USA?

Health InsuranceIf you are a world traveler covered by Medicare or by a domestic U.S. plan offered by your employer - or if you have no immediate plans to return to the U.S., Global Citizen EXP is tailored to your needs. By trimming away coverage for health services in the U.S. and keeping the comprehensive Global Citizen benefits outside the U.S., the EXP plan delivers outstanding value and service

Global Citizen EXP functions as a primary health insurance plan outside the U.S., filling the gaps left by Medicare and domestic U.S. plans or delivering precisely the coverage an expatriate needs

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HTH Worldwide!

Health InsuranceDuring your international experience, you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital, or deal with an unexpected medical emergency. In addition, you may wish to return to the U.S. for either routine care or the treatment of an unexpected illness.

The Medical Benefits provided under the Global Citizen health plan can help protect you against these unforeseeable circumstances regardless of where you are.


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BUPA saved his leg!

TestimonialsHello Kevin

This is Dave and Micheline Fallis. We were the ones calling you from Canada, to find out how to get our B.U.P.A. going. Dave was the guy with the leg infection so bad,that they thought that they were going to amputate.

I have to tell you we have become the Bupa poster children. They were amazing. When Dave finally walked out of that hospital 10 weeks later, 8 with both legs ) every bill was paid.

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Hurricane In The Carib

General Panama InfoGolfers, pilots, ships at sea - check this out! Man I'm glad we're here in Panama and don't have to worry about hurricanes.

By the way, windstorm coverage is STANDARD on fire policies issued in Panama........give me call for all of your insurance needs.

Kevin 322-1603 or Carmen 322-1605

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Note of Appreciation!

TestimonialsHola Kevin,

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the kind
warm welcome to Panama. It's so important to make a
stranger feel welcome in a new enviroinment. At times
I wonder if I have made the right decision to live in
Panama. But it's meeting people like you and your
staff that make me know I have,indeed, done the right
thing. So join me on this new adventure. I will
probably be calling again regarding some simple
problems as a I learn the ropes of being a Panamian!

Sandra Daniel
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Peexisting Conditions?

Health InsuranceThe primary purpose of insurance is to cover the cost of the unexpected and the unforeseen. Health insurance companies may apply a special condition to a policy when it is clear from the information provided that the insured is either receiving ongoing treatment or has a foreseeable need to receive treatment for a specific medical condition, as this condition constitutes a known risk. Treatment for the ongoing condition may be in the form of consultations with a medical practitioner, tests, investigations or medication to control the condition and/or its symptoms.

When a special condition is applied to an insurance policy, the company may not assist towards any costs incurred for that specific condition, nor for conditions which arise directly from that excluded condition. A hypothetical example would be when an exclusion had been applied for High Cholesterol and the patient later developed heart attack as a direct result of the High Cholesterol. Benefit would not be available for any treatment of the High Cholesterol, nor for treatment of the heart attack.

More to come...
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HaelthSpan Calculator

Health InsuranceThe Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator© is brought to you by Dr. Thomas Perls in partnership with the Alliance for Aging Research, a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Living to 100 Quiz was designed to translate longevity research of centenarians into a practical and empowering tool for individuals to estimate their longevity potential.

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PALIC Local Cancer Policy

Health InsuranceIn addition to my International Health Insurance policy, I have also purchased this FLEXI-CANCER coverage from PALIC de Panama. I pay $63/yr.

In order to obtain this inexpensive coverage, call me 322-1603, Carmen 322-1605 or PALIC customer service 208-4212.

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Local PPO!

Health InsuranceThe following is a popular local PPO with Cia. Internacional de Seguros. This is a Panama ONLY alternative. My associate Carmen 322-1605 and an IS executive, Brenda West 206-4235 are standing by to answer specific questions and complete the application process..

Maximum Age to apply – 62 YEARS OLD. In order to qualify, you must take and pass required exams/labs at your own expense!