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Peexisting Conditions?

Health InsuranceThe primary purpose of insurance is to cover the cost of the unexpected and the unforeseen. Health insurance companies may apply a special condition to a policy when it is clear from the information provided that the insured is either receiving ongoing treatment or has a foreseeable need to receive treatment for a specific medical condition, as this condition constitutes a known risk. Treatment for the ongoing condition may be in the form of consultations with a medical practitioner, tests, investigations or medication to control the condition and/or its symptoms.

When a special condition is applied to an insurance policy, the company may not assist towards any costs incurred for that specific condition, nor for conditions which arise directly from that excluded condition. A hypothetical example would be when an exclusion had been applied for High Cholesterol and the patient later developed heart attack as a direct result of the High Cholesterol. Benefit would not be available for any treatment of the High Cholesterol, nor for treatment of the heart attack.

More to come...
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HaelthSpan Calculator

Health InsuranceThe Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator© is brought to you by Dr. Thomas Perls in partnership with the Alliance for Aging Research, a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Living to 100 Quiz was designed to translate longevity research of centenarians into a practical and empowering tool for individuals to estimate their longevity potential.

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PALIC Local Cancer Policy

Health InsuranceIn addition to my International Health Insurance policy, I have also purchased this FLEXI-CANCER coverage from PALIC de Panama. I pay $63/yr.

In order to obtain this inexpensive coverage, call me 322-1603, Carmen 322-1605 or PALIC customer service 208-4212.

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Local PPO!

Health InsuranceThe following is a popular local PPO with Cia. Internacional de Seguros. This is a Panama ONLY alternative. My associate Carmen 322-1605 and an IS executive, Brenda West 206-4235 are standing by to answer specific questions and complete the application process..

Maximum Age to apply – 62 YEARS OLD. In order to qualify, you must take and pass required exams/labs at your own expense!

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No-Fault in Panama?

Automobile InsuranceIn some states in the USA, Uninsured Motorist property-damage coverage is available. Uninsured Motorist (no-fault) auto coverage would pay for medical bills and pain and suffering if you are hit by an uninsured driver. If your car is crunched by an uninsured driver and you have UM property-damage coverage, you'll be able to get your car fixed under this coverage, rather than using your collision coverage. Generally speaking, UM property-damage coverage carries a lower deductible than collision coverage............

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Kevin Makes the New York Times!

About UsWhat a Guy!

By BOB TEDESCHI: MIGRATORY retirees have lent more than a touch of gray to Florida, Arizona and Southern California. Next stop on the aging boomer bandwagon: Panama. Panama Today With low housing and living costs, a stable political environment, relatively safe streets and that tropical climate, people in their 50's and early 60's are flocking to the Central American nation, rather than working for a few more years to scrape together enough money for a condo on the Florida coast. "We're seeing a significant number of Americans coming here to retire," said William Ostick, a spokesman for the United States Embassy in Panama City. "Panama as a nation is trying to attract people who want to build second homes here, but a lot of them are selling their homes in the U.S. and just buying here." Mr. Ostick said the embassy did not keep statistics on Americans who have moved to Panama to retire, but he said there were 25,000 to 30,000 Americans living there. According to the Panamanian government, four times as many American retirees applied for visas last year as in 2004.

Although Panama, a country of 3.2 million people, can present challenges to those unaccustomed to living in a developing nation, its quirks are, for many, part of its charm.
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I Plunge!

About UsOne of my ALLTIME favorite quotes:

Are there not... Two points in the adventure of the diver:

One -- when a beggar, he prepares to plunge?

Two -- when a prince, he rises with his pearl?

I plunge!

-- Robert Browning

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Purchasing a SAFE in Panama!

Fire InsuranceContributed by: Brett Mikkelson


Upon purchasing a safe, there are several general things that you should account for to ensure you are buying the right one for your needs.

1. Security is obviously the first and foremost point that you need to take into consideration. There are safes to hold documents, (fire resistant for 1-2 hours), and there are three levels of theft prevention safes as well (high, medium and low).

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Check your Drivers License!

Automobile InsuranceIn the Republic of Panama, your Automobile Insurance Coverage is only valid if you are driving with a current/valid drivers license. Please check the expiration date of your license. If you have been in Panama for more than 90 days, your foreign drivers license may not be considered as valid. You must obtain a Panama drivers license if you intend to live here or extend your visit beyond 90 days!

If you lend your vehicle to a friend, make sure they SHOW you their license...check the date of expiration (Fecha de Vencimento). Your friends, children, family etc. are covered, as long as they have your permission to drive the vehicle and a VALID Panama, USA, Canada, International etc. drivers license! I just checked my Panama license, it expires next month!
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Driving in Central America?

Automobile InsuranceThe drive through Mexico and Central America is a wonderful experience, however, it's not an adventure for everyone. The following pages contain advice and detailed accounts of experiences while driving through Mexico and Central America. Check out this siet:


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