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Quoting Homeowners "Contents" and Liabilty Insurance in Panama!

Fire InsuranceThe homeowner's multi-risk contents package includes all the coverage of a standard fire insurance policy, as well as, personal/general and fire legal liability up to $100,000. The multi-risk package also covers Employers liability (domestic employees) up to $20,000, Liability for Independent contractors and subcontractors up to $20,000 and Medical payments for third parties up to $5,000 per person /maximum of $25,000 in case of an accident in the premises.

This contents package includes coverage for break in with "forced entry" up to insured amount, assault inside and outside the residence; damages caused to the structure in case of break-in with forced entry; $250.00 reimbursement in case your credit card gets stolen; locksmith service in case of a domestic emergency; plumbing and electrical services, as well as many other coverages.

High ticket items such as paintings, sculptures , collectibles, art work and rugs must be listed separately. The inventory should include the make/model/year or description and the $$$ value of the item. Electronic equipment coverage is part of the package up to a specific limit. More expensive electronics should be listed separately.

Here is a tool to help you determine how much "stuff" you own:


In order to obtain a TENTATIVE quote for Muli-risk Homeowners contents coverage (including Liability), we will need:

1. $$$ value of the contents? Furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, artwork, jewelry?
2. Exact address of the residence (name of Condo and apt. #)? Name of the insured...should be issued in your name or name of renter.
3. What security measures does the building/property have? For example.....24 hours security guard, gate at the entrance, intercom, anti-theft alarm, steel doors or bars on windows?
4. Are you planning to rent the property to third parties? A special "renters" endorsement is available.

From this basic information, we will send an estimate by email or telephone...322-1605, 322-1612
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Panama Breakin/Robbery coverage?

Fire InsuranceHere is an extract describing coverage available from a large multinational insurer here in Panama. The coverage is available within a multirisk comprehensive homeowners policy at a very competitive rate:

Robbery with forced entry or/and assault inside the residence (for general contents) 100% of the sum insured
Robbery with forced entry or/and assault inside the residence (for cash) 5% of the sum insured. max $300.00
Robbery with forced entry or/and assault inside the residence (for jewelry and watches) 15% of the sum insured, max $3,000.00
Robbery with forced entry in secondary buildings (guest house, warehouse, de) 3% of the sum insured
Stolen credit cards (applis only for the main insured) max $250.00
Assault outside the residence (for personal effects) max $1,000.00 (limites to $250.00 for cash

Call Carmen 322-1605 or email cdunkley@ducruet.com for a quote.....
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"Expert Opinion" Available in Panama!

Health InsuranceBupa Latin America and the Caribbean - a division of Bupa, a leading international healthcare company - announces the launch of Expert Opinion, an exclusive second medical opinion service offered to members diagnosed with complex conditions and chronic diseases. With Expert Opinion, now members of Bupa, have access to a second medical opinion from the world's leading independent medical experts to review their case, confirm or revise diagnosis, and recommend the best steps for treatment.

"The launch of Expert Opinion in Latin America further supports Bupa's leading position as International Private Medical Insurance along with our commitment to provide access to world-renowned medical experts. We're confident Expert Opinion will help our members make educated decisions."

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Expert Opinion

Health InsuranceEXPERT OPINION

A “priceless” trend in health insurance protection.

Some International Health Insurance Companies are offering EXPERT OPINION service, “a second medical opinion from internationally renowned doctors”. To what length will you go to save your loved one or your life when something serious goes wrong and you are not sure of the diagnosis?
With millions of customers around the world, Health Insurance giants deal and relate with top Hospitals and famous medical specialist in every Continent. Companies can offer this network of medical connections to their customers, free of charge. I encourage you to find out if your policy offers this valuable service!

Read More........
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How much Life Ins. do I need in Panama?

Life InsuranceDying in Panama can be a complicated process and few Expats are prepared for the unique problems that will arise. This is not an easy article for me to write. I been called upon to help families and loved ones collect life insurance proceeds and attend to the final expenses after the death of an Expat in our country.

The one factor the helps the process move with the least amount of pain is having sufficient cash available to cover immediate expenses. Most local companies are prepared to advance a portion of the death benefit to help cover the cost of Hospital/funeral, legal, air plane tickets for family and repatriation of remains. I was once able to obtain a $2,000 advance against a local policy with proof of death from a newspaper article/announcement and a doctors statement. Some companies will also pay "living benefits" after a fatal medical diagnosis, to help offset expenses of the dying.

At the very least, Expats should consider a minimum $25,000 term policy with a local Panama company to provide their family/beneficiaries access to ready cash. If you have policies back in your home country, you should leave instructions to your beneficiaries on how to collect proceeds.

Here is a calculator that may help you with the decision, please consider a minimum policy to cover final expenses.

So, how much life insurance do you need? Well, the answer isn’t really how much life insurance you need… it’s how much investment capital your family will need at the time of your death. Their need for capital — on a gross basis — is really a function of two variables:

1. How much will be needed at death to meet immediate obligations?

2. If you brought your family with you to live in Panama, how much future income is needed to sustain the household?


Carmen and I are standing by to help with quotes. 322-1605 or 6674-1063 or email: cdunkley@ducruet.com

Info needed, sex, date of birth $$$ amount, number of years and if you smoke?

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Panama Earthquake Assessment!

Fire InsuranceA study on the seismic risk of the western city of David, Panama, presented today by the Government and the World Bank, found that 35% of homes are vulnerable to an earthquake, and recommended a series of measures to minimize the impact of a possible natural disaster in the area.


If you live in Chiriqui Province and would like a quote for Earthquake/Fire coverage, please call Carmen 322-1605
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Quoting Panama Auto Insurance

Automobile InsuranceIn order to obtain a TENTATIVE quote for automobile insurance here in Panama, we will need the following information:

Make, model, year, current $$$ value of the vehicle, name, passport/cedula number, date of birth of the owner.
Do any of the driver's have a Panamanian driver's license? NEW CAR? If you have a proforma invoice....we can cover before you put the key in the ignition!

From this basic information, we should be able to send a quote by email or telephone. Carmen 322-1605 cdunkley@ducruet.com

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Quoting Panama Life Insurance!

Life InsuranceIn order to obtain a TENTATIVE quote for Panama Life Insurance, we will need your date of birth, do you smoke? How much $$$$ coverage do you need?

If the coverage is for a mortgage, we will also need $$$ amount and the term (# of years) of the loan.

With this basic information, we will be able to send a quote by email or telephone...
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Most Dangerous Cars in America!

Auto ClaimsFrom the Wall Street Journal:


Some vehicles can survive car crashes and protect the occupants much better than others. To find out which motor vehicles perform best and which the worst, nonprofit group Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed crash tests. IIHS, which is ?dedicated to reducing the frequency and consequences of crashes on U.S. roads,? rated the cars in four separate categories. 24/7 Wall St. examined the ratings and identified the seven current-generation models that received a ?marginal? or ?poor? rating in two of the four categories.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2012/05/30/most-dangerous-cars-in-america/#ixzz1x7K99s2Q
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Why Bupa? The Last Man Standing

Health InsuranceCharles Revson, founder of the successful cosmetic manufacturing firm Revlon, once said, "In our factory we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope."

There is a unique Company that makes policies, but sells PROTECTION: a guarantee that they will defend, guard and preserve your health and that of your family. A guarantee backed by a solid track record.

Read More....