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Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 04:25 AM UTC

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Live Longer, Live Better!

Health InsuranceVoyage into your body to see an amazing creation you're born with: the perfect cardiovascular system. A lifetime of poor health habits can destroy that system and lead to major medical problems and a shortened lifespan, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have the power to keep your body and mind healthy, strong, and alive. See how you can live longer and live better.

Worth a look..........

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Will my US/Canada Life Policy Pay?

Life InsuranceThe standard USA/Canada life insurance contract has only a few major exclusions. There are no geographical restrictions, but some companies may exclude death as a result of war, hazardous activity, failure to pay the premium or aviation. For the beneficiary to be paid, a valid certificate of death/proof of death and return of the original policy is all that is needed to receive the benefits. You may die in Manchuria or on the moon, as long as you obtain a valid death certificate. Some local Panama companies will even advance a small amount ($2,000) to the beneficiary to help with funeral expenses based on a newspaper article.

Confusion may stem from Expats residing in Panama who wish to APPLY for life insurance in the USA. Some US/Canada companies do not wish to issue a NEW policy to foreign residents.

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Panama VA Benefits!

Health InsuranceHere is an interesting exchange on the ExpatHealth Yahoo Group, between Craig Morrissey, Executive VP of Hospial Nacional and a veteran asking about VA Benefits in Panama:

Sorry, I just joined the group and I'm sure this has been discussed, but I'm
a Vet with VA benefits (not Tricare). We were told by Mae Lewis Hospital in
David via email that I could transfer my VA benefits to that hospital.
Unfortunately, before sitting down with them, we rented a house in David.
Now after meeting with them last week I'm not sure what we have!
They referred me to someone in Panama City, close to Hospital Nacional that
has told me he can help.
Can anyone give me some insight as to the real situation in Panama?
Thank you,

Craig Morrissey replys.....more.....

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ALWAYS wear your Seatbelt!

Automobile InsuranceEmbrace Life:


The most effective PSA ad that I have ever seen!
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Should I bring my car to Panama?

Automobile InsuranceHere is a very comprehensive article that helps answer a frequent question I hear from clients moving to Panama:

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Panama Insurance on COOL FM!

About UsMy good friend Gerry "D" has asked me to do a series of shows from his COOL FM studio.

We will discuss different types of insurance available here in Panama. Click on the link below if you wish to hear our first effort:


The interview with Kevin begins 35 minutes into the show. Gerry has good info to open the program (new rules for Scrabble) and great taste in music!
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Panama Health Insurance Update!

Health InsuranceExcellent International Health Insurance coverage is available to protect you in the Republic of Panama. Injury or illness in a country far from home can be a very scary experience. If you are without proper health insurance or cannot demonstrate liquidity to a local hospital, it can be the difference between life and death. Expats.....lying on a gurney in a hallway, have DIED waiting for treatment, while proof of ability to pay is confirmed.

Check the exclusions in your current HOME COUNTRY health policy to make sure you are covered outside their borders. In case of an emergency in Panama, note the telephone #'s to call for coordination of benefits, usually found on the back of your insurance ID card. Most USA issued PPO plans will only protect you for a limited time (30 days) for emergencies or while on a Cruise ship/organized tour.........


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BlueCross & BlueShield in Panama?

Health InsuranceBlue Cross & Blue Shield has affiliated themselves with Cia. Internacional de Seuros, S.A, a local Panama licensed insurance company. This relationship allows IS insureds to access the USA network of BC & BS.

Here is the address of their international plans sorry, Spanish only:


Here is the address of their Panama ONLY health insurance plans click the English link (Ingles).


My associate Carmen 322-1605 and Brenda West bwest@iseguros.com an IS executive, 206-4235 are standing by to answer specific questions.

Maximum Age to apply – 62 YEARS OLD. You must take and pass required exams/labs at your own expense $100.00+ See "Requisito Medicos" (NO refunds, if you fail to pass the exams)!

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My BUPA Favorites!

Health InsuranceHere are a couple of the new BUPA Latin America (issued directly from Miami) plans that I like. I have BUPA Secure with a $5,000/yr. deductible.

BUPA Secure:

Secure Care offers members up to USD2 million of coverage a year through the Bupa Secure Hospital Network. Designed as a comprehensive plan, it provides coverage from out-patient diagnosis through in-patient surgery, including coverage for cancer and emergency evacuation, if needed. For additional peace of mind, customers can select optional benefits for complications of maternity and transplant procedures.

BUPA Essential:

Essential Care is designed to offer an excellent value plan
that covers essential health care needs. Using our Essential Hospital Network in Latin America, the Caribbean and the
USA, Essential Care covers out-patient diagnostics, the cost
of in-patient surgery, cancer treatment and coverage for any out-patient physiotherapy that you may need after a hospital stay. In addition, the plan provides coverage for emergency repatriation and additional coverage options for complications of maternity and transplants.

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Panama Homeowners/Contents Multi-risk Coverage

Fire InsuranceThis could happen to you:




Panama has very reasonable Homeowners protection to cover the contents of your residence for Fire, Theft, Liability. We insure the building and the contents under separate policies.

We recommend that you insure a portion of the contents under a homeowner´s multirisk policy. This policy will include coverage for fire, theft, explosion, earthquake, hurricane/windstorm, flood, smoke and water damages. It will also cover your electronic equipment ( % of the basic sum insured); theft ( % of the basic sum insured); assault (up to $250.00 cash); breakage of windows; general liability up to $100,000.00 and ambulance service. Liability is also a provided for damage sustained by your neighbors from a fire or water leak originating in your residence.