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Panama Transit Authority Accident Form!

Auto ClaimsThe "minor accident " form is available on line. The law has been enacted, but for the moment I recommend that you do not move the vehicle until your Insurance Company "roadside assistance" representative arrives at the scene to guide you.

Here is the link to the new "minor accident form" to be used in the event of a no-fault type of collision:


The link to the ATT website where the form is found is here:


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Most Dangerous Cars in America!

Auto ClaimsFrom the Wall Street Journal:


Some vehicles can survive car crashes and protect the occupants much better than others. To find out which motor vehicles perform best and which the worst, nonprofit group Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed crash tests. IIHS, which is ?dedicated to reducing the frequency and consequences of crashes on U.S. roads,? rated the cars in four separate categories. 24/7 Wall St. examined the ratings and identified the seven current-generation models that received a ?marginal? or ?poor? rating in two of the four categories.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2012/05/30/most-dangerous-cars-in-america/#ixzz1x7K99s2Q
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Car Accident in Marbella

Auto ClaimsThe following is the very detailed description of a car accident experienced by one of my clients, from "crash to courthouse". This is a complete account of what you may expect to encounter if you have a minor fender bender on our streets:

My car accident in Marbella

A few weeks ago I was driving to a dental appointment in Marbella when I was sideswiped by another driver. It is a rather unpleasant foreboding experience for a foreigner to have an auto accident in a foreign country so I wish to share my experience with you when you have your accident. Notice I didn't say "if " or "if and when". I said "when". If you do any driving at all in PC you will have an accident. No matter how careful you drive. It is only a matter of time. The driving experience here is a form of motorized dodgeball. The cars come at you and you must dodge them.

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Car towed away by Panama A.T.T.T.?

Auto ClaimsBy Carmen Dunkley

The mall is full, no spaces available and you decide to park in front of a “No Parking” sign where the sidewalk is painted yellow. Two hours later, you walk out the mall and your vehicle is gone? You should consider the possibility your car has been stolen, but it may have been towed away by the A.T.T.T.

If there is no evidence of theft (witnesses tell you the car was last seen hooked to a tow truck), the automobile was probably taken by the A.T.T.T. If this happens to you, you should contact the A.T.T.T. office at 502-0591/0592 and provide the clerk with the specs of your vehicle including the license plate. She/he will contact the Transito street officers via radio and find out if your vehicle was removed by their towing service. It recently took me several hours to help a client locate their automobile.

Where do they take them?

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Guide to New Panama Transito Law!

Auto ClaimsHas this happened to you? Standing in the middle of the road under the hot sun or pouring rain, horns beeping, traffic backing up.......all because you had a collision on the streets of Panama!

Here are the basic procedures to follow after an automobile accident in the Republic of Panama. Based on my experience, interviews with Transit Police and Insurance Company Claims Adjusters, here are some worthwhile suggestions that may help ease your post-bender blues.

Immediately after the collision, call the roadside assistance telephone # of your insurance company and ask that they come to the scene.

When no person has been injured and both parties agree who is responsible, take pictures and move the vehicles to the side of the road. If the other party leaves the scene of the accident, find a policeman and report "Colision y Fuga" (Hit and Run). This may protect you from further legal consequences.

Here is a rough translation of the articles described in the new law:

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Victory in Panama Traffic Court

Auto ClaimsGreat article describing my client/friend Don Winner's successful audience at the Panama Transito court hearing. He had dashcam video to support his evidence and won the case. Congratulations, Don!


Be sure to watch the "Happy Dance" video at the end of the article....it will put a smile on your face.
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New Traffic Law

Auto Claims
With the help of several Spanish speakers, we have translated the original document for your convenience and not with the intention of interpreting or enforcing the law. We have also added our own comments in order to make the legal information easier to understand. This translation is not valid for legal purposes.

Article 1. When a minor traffic accident (fender bender) occurs in the public ways of the country, the drivers involved should move the vehicle out of the way, after exchanging the Unique and Final Form that is described in article 4. (Have several forms in your car partially filled).

Article 2. Regarding the previous article, a minor traffic accident is any collision that happens between one or more motor vehicles where damages, produced by the impact, allow the vehicles to be moved out of the way by their drivers as long as no one involved is injured, otherwise article 5 will apply.

Article 3. The “Autoridad de Transito y Transporte Terrestre” (Terrestrial Traffic and Transportation Authority) along with the “Departamento de Operaciones de Transito de la Direccion Nacional de Operaciones de la Policia Nacional” (National Office of Operations, Traffic Operations Department of the National Police) will provide a Unique and Final Form, which will be used by the drivers involved in minor traffic accidents (fender benders), in order to compile all necessary information necessary to determine responsibility.