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Friday, December 15 2017 @ 09:00 AM EST

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No-Fault in Panama?

Automobile InsuranceIn some states in the USA, Uninsured Motorist property-damage coverage is available. Uninsured Motorist (no-fault) auto coverage would pay for medical bills and pain and suffering if you are hit by an uninsured driver. If your car is crunched by an uninsured driver and you have UM property-damage coverage, you'll be able to get your car fixed under this coverage, rather than using your collision coverage. Generally speaking, UM property-damage coverage carries a lower deductible than collision coverage............

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Check your Drivers License!

Automobile InsuranceIn the Republic of Panama, your Automobile Insurance Coverage is only valid if you are driving with a current/valid drivers license. Please check the expiration date of your license. If you have been in Panama for more than 90 days, your foreign drivers license may not be considered as valid. You must obtain a Panama drivers license if you intend to live here or extend your visit beyond 90 days!

If you lend your vehicle to a friend, make sure they SHOW you their license...check the date of expiration (Fecha de Vencimento). Your friends, children, family etc. are covered, as long as they have your permission to drive the vehicle and a VALID Panama, USA, Canada, International etc. drivers license! I just checked my Panama license, it expires next month!
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Driving in Central America?

Automobile InsuranceThe drive through Mexico and Central America is a wonderful experience, however, it's not an adventure for everyone. The following pages contain advice and detailed accounts of experiences while driving through Mexico and Central America. Check out this siet:


I also recommend:

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What is a deductible?

Automobile InsuranceAlthough your Panama insurance policy is in Spanish, a "deducible" is the amount of money which the insured party must pay before the insurance company's own coverage plan begins. It is practical for insurance companies to include a deductible in their policies to avoid paying out benefits on relatively small claims. A typical Panama auto insurance policy, for example, may carry a $500 deductible for "colision". If the owner of that car accidentally hits another car while parking and both drivers agree the damage is minimal, he or she would pay the $500 repair bill out of his or her own pocket. Insurance companies would not encourage a claim for such minor damages.

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How much $$$ is my Car Worth?

Automobile InsuranceAlthough most vehicles sold in Panama do NOT have US specs, you must still consider the import duties when assigning an agreed value to your automobile.

Visit these sites to get an idea of the current value of your vehicle. I use 33102 (Miami) as a Zip Code.
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Automobile Insurance in Panama

Automobile InsuranceAuto insurance in Panama is similar to coverage issued in the USA/Canada and Europe. Protection for Basic third party liability, Medical payments, Collision and Comprehensive/Fire/Theft are available at very reasonable rates.