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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 09:18 AM EDT

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Panama Fire Insurance for Structures

Fire InsuranceFire Insurance policies for structures in the Republic of Panama are similar to those issued in the USA, Canada and Europe. The basic fire policy also includes extended coverage for occurrences other than fire. This may include damage from Explosion, Earthquake, Windstorm, Lightning, Smoke, Flood & Water damage, Falling Objects and Debris Removal after an incident. Here is an example of coverage available from a large Multi-National Underwriter:

Fire / Lightning/Explosion Earthquake
Windstorm / Hurricane Impact of falling objects
Debris Removal Explosion
Esthetic Restoration (5% of the sum insured) Smoke Damage
Alterations, Modifications and Additions Flood and Water Damage
Breakage of glass/windows (Sub-Limit$.30,000.00)
Damages to the structure as a consequence of robbery (5% of sum insured)
Electrical Damages (80% of the sum insured)
Intentional/malicious damage and looting
Common water damages, filtration and leaks (20% of the basic sum insured)


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Panama Condo "Unihabitable" after gas leak/explosion!

Fire Insurancehttps://www.prensa.com/sociedad/PH-Costa-Mare-inhabitable-evaluaciones_0_5317718177.html


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Panama Earthquake coverage?

Fire InsuranceEarthquake coverage is included in Panama Fire Insurance policies. We separate "structure" and "contents" policies that usually include coverage for fire, explosion, lightning, EARTHQUAKE, windstorm, Debris removal, flood and water damage, filtration/leaks, and more.

The deductible for loss as a result of an earthquake is 2% of the sum insured with a minimum of $250.00.

To receive custom quote for your structure or contents, email: maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com

or call us, Carmen 322-1605 Kevin 6674-1063
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Pet Insurance in Panama?

Fire InsuranceIn UnityDucruet, we may cover your pet for medical services/treatment due to an accident.

If you purchase a multi-risk contents policy for your condo or house, the pets are covered for Vet services (including surgery), medication and hospital expenses up to $1,000. These expenses must be incurred as a result of an accident to the pet while inside the insured residence. Coverage is also available for pets involved in automobile related accidents.

If the pet dies, you may also receive a death benefit.

To obtain a quote, please call 322-1605 or send an email to maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com kevin.bradley@ducruet.com
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Carrasquilla Condo fire victims still Homeless!

Fire Insurance Emergency numbers: : Police 104; Fire 103; Health 911

Authorities are not allowing the residents of the condo to return to their apartments and have declared the building unsafe!



Coverage is available in most Panama Multirisk contents policies to pay for a small percentage (15%) of insured amount when the residence becomes uninhabitable.

I have a $20,000 Multirisk contents policy for my condo and it will provide $3,000 to cover the expense of finding another residence.

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Panama apartment explosion!

Fire InsuranceA recent Fire/Explosion affected the top floors of an apartment /condo building in the Carrasquilla district of Panama City. Several residents were seriously injured and there was extensive damage to the structure and contents. Cement does burn;




Here is a link to an article about basic coverage available here in Panama:


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Panama Fire and Homeowners residential coverage!

Fire InsuranceEmergency numbers: : Police 104; Fire 103; Health 911

Did you know that insuring your Panama property investments is one of the best bargains available?

Here in Panama, we insure building (structure) and the contents under separate policies at very reasonable rates.

The Ducruet fire insurance structure policy includes coverage for fire, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, flood and common water damages/filtration/leaks (this coverage is required for every mortgage issued from a Panama bank).

The Ducruet Homeowner's multi risk "Contents" package includes Fire coverage described above, as well as,Theft and Personal/General fire legal liability.

There is also $$$ available to cover a temporary residence, if the property is uninhabitable. Usually 15% of the amount insured.

Theft coverage is for break in with forced entry, as well as, assault inside and outside the residence. The damage caused to the structure in case of break-in with forced entry is covered under this theft provision. Theft and damage to Electronic Equipment is also part of the package.

Liability coverage extends to damage you may cause to your neighbors property from a fire or water leak initiating in your residence. If a third party is injured on your premises, there is Medical payments coverage and legal assistance.

This multi risk residential Homeowners package has added benefits including reimbursement for stolen credit cards, locksmith service, plumbing and electrical services in case of a domestic emergency. Some packages include ambulance service, free medical consultation and coverage for PETS.

How Much?

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Panama Real Estate Appraisals!

Fire InsuranceWhy should I get an appraisal of my home or condo in Panama?

Fire insurance policies have an 80% coinsurance clause that will affect the $$$ amount you receive in the event of a claim for a fire or covered loss. You must insure the property for at least 80% of the actual $$$ value to receive 100% of the amount of total or partial claim.

For example: Panama Condo valued $500,000, insured for $250,000 (less than 80%)....suffers a loss of $100,000...80% coinsurance penalty for UNDERINSURANCE applied, will be paid $50,000 (50%)...."underreporting penalty" because you insured for 50% of the value.

If your Panama Insurance coverage is issued based on an appraisal from an authorized professional (I have the guy) for at least 80% of the $$$ value....you should not have a problem collecting 100% of any claim!

Prevent InfraSeguro....Get an appraisal!!!!

The following article by Silvia Merida Pellicer of Gogetit.com is a very clear, concise guide to the need for property appraisals here in Panama:


For a customized quote for Fire insurance Coverage of the "structure or contents" of your property or a need certified, professional appraisal, call us!

Carmen 322-1605 or email: maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com or Kevin 6674-1063

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Panama Comprehensive Office Insurance

Fire InsurancePanama has a wide range of different businesses, from Financial Consulting, Legal, Real Estate and Accounting firms to personal/private located in offices across the country. Whatever the industry, they all have one thing in common—the need for commercial office insurance. Panama Comprehensive Panama office insurance protects you from the unexpected events that happen in and around your office every day.

Property coverage protects your business and office equipment from loss due to fire, theft, explosion, earthquake, water damage, smoke and even looting/civil unrest.. Additional risks covered include electronic equipment (in or out of the office), breakage of glass and damage/loss to property belonging to third parties. There are even provisions for temporary relocation and business interruption expenses.

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Is a Panama "Waterspout" and "Windstorm" covered?

Fire InsuranceWith the occurrence of a large "Waterspout" in the vicinity of Punta Paitilla/Pacifica on Christmas Day several years ago, I was asked to express an opinion about the coverage available in the average Panama Fire policy.

If your policy has "extended coverage", the "windstorm" optional risk should pay for damages caused by wind (vendaval), Hurricane (Huracan), Tornado, or Waterspout (Tromba Marina). Driving down Via Brazil that afternoon, I couldn't believe my eyes as I witnessed the"monster" move near Paitilla, see the collection of pics below taken by Mike Horrell.

Here are some pics of that incident:


For all coverage to protect your property call Carmen 322-1605 cdunkley@ducruet.com or call Kevin 6674-1063