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Panama Health Insurance

Health InsuranceAccidental Injury or illness in a country far from home can be a very scary experience. If you are without proper health insurance or cannot demonstrate ability to pay at a local hospital, it can mean the difference between life and death. Imagine lying on a stretcher in the hallway, waiting for treatment, while proof of liquidity is confirmed.....many Expats have paid the ultimate price! Excellent Health Insurance coverage is available to protect you in the Republic of Panama.

High quality hospitals, physicians and medical facilities are available in Panama. Most doctors have been trained in the USA, Canada or Europe and speak English. Be Prepared! Private hospitals and medical professionals expect to be paid and will require some guarantee of payment before treatment. It is not uncommon for medical care to be denied by private hospitals. Without financial resources (cash/credit cards) or proper health insurance coverage, you may find yourself transferred from their hospital to a Panama government facility. The public hospitals are adequate, but Panamanian citizens will have priority over your treatment. Here is an example of a visitor "stuck" in Panama with inadequate coverage:


If you have an existing "Home of Origin" health insurance, some of these carriers from the USA, Canada and Europe MAY provide coverage for emergencies while traveling.

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Using TRICARE in Panama and For Life Overseas!

Health Insurance

Medicare provides coverage in the U.S. and U.S. Territories. Medicare doesn't provide coverage in any other overseas locations.

When using TRICARE For Life in all other overseas locations, whether you live overseas or are traveling overseas, refer to this site:

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"Expert Opinion" Available in Panama!

Health InsuranceBupa Latin America and the Caribbean - a division of Bupa, a leading international healthcare company - announces the launch of Expert Opinion, an exclusive second medical opinion service offered to members diagnosed with complex conditions and chronic diseases. With Expert Opinion, now members of Bupa, have access to a second medical opinion from the world's leading independent medical experts to review their case, confirm or revise diagnosis, and recommend the best steps for treatment.

"The launch of Expert Opinion in Latin America further supports Bupa's leading position as International Private Medical Insurance along with our commitment to provide access to world-renowned medical experts. We're confident Expert Opinion will help our members make educated decisions."

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Expert Opinion

Health InsuranceEXPERT OPINION

A “priceless” trend in health insurance protection.

Some International Health Insurance Companies are offering EXPERT OPINION service, “a second medical opinion from internationally renowned doctors”. To what length will you go to save your loved one or your life when something serious goes wrong and you are not sure of the diagnosis?
With millions of customers around the world, Health Insurance giants deal and relate with top Hospitals and famous medical specialist in every Continent. Companies can offer this network of medical connections to their customers, free of charge. I encourage you to find out if your policy offers this valuable service!

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Why Bupa? The Last Man Standing

Health InsuranceCharles Revson, founder of the successful cosmetic manufacturing firm Revlon, once said, "In our factory we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope."

There is a unique Company that makes policies, but sells PROTECTION: a guarantee that they will defend, guard and preserve your health and that of your family. A guarantee backed by a solid track record.

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BUPA comes to Latin America

Health Insurance Bupa is one of the most experienced insurers providing health insurance products to residents of Latin America and the Caribbean.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, Amedex and International Health Insurance danmark now join Bupa’s strength and expertise to create one of the largest specialist insurers for the region, with more than 175,000 members from more than 42 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bupa offers an excellent service proposition to its members in Latin America and the Caribbean, who have access to our doctor-led 24-hour helpline, USA Medical Services. This team helps arrange every aspect of a claim, whether it is a relatively simple day-patient procedure or a major emergency needing an air ambulance. The USA Medical Team can also answer any questions you or your family may have about your condition and planned treatment.

Their main office, based in Miami, is staffed by a highly experienced and professional multilingual team, managing all aspects of the claim process.

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Putting "Insurance" back in Health insurance!

Health InsuranceInteresting article from Forbes about the current state of Health Insurance. Be sure to read the Comments section:

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Watch the video - save a life . . .

Health InsuranceLearn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR

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The sad case of Greg McCoy!

Health InsuranceDon Winner at www.panama-guide.com has been helping this Canadian citizen after he suffered a terrible tragedy from of a mudslide. He lost his home, family and lies seriously injured in a public hospital hoping for an air evacuation back to Canada. A sad situation.......

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Want Tricare Coverage in Panama? Be nice...

Health InsuranceI get many requests for information about Medicare and Tricare coverage here in Panama.

Here is the latest info from the only hospital that seems to be accepting Tricare. Remember, Medicare is not valid in Panama!