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"Painless Panama Auto Claim"?

TestimonialsCarmen and Kevin,

I want to thank you for your help regarding the accident I had in Chitre in July of this year.

With your help and the excellent service of the insurance company I had absolutely no problem regarding this accident.

I had to go to a hearing before a Judge as to fault ( this is the procedure in Panama I understand ) and was treated very well and did not feel ill at ease being a "gringo". The fact that the insurance company provided an attorney for me at no expense is a tremendous benefit of your company. The other party ( Panamanian taxi driver ) was found to be at fault by the Judge even though he was a " local ".

Although this was not a pleasant experience you and the insurance company you represent made it as painless as possible.

Once again thank you for the excellent service,

Hugh C. Avis

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A Difficult Panama Auto Claim!

TestimonialsThe following is a very nice letter written by my good friend/client Bud Huber of Boquete. With auto claims in Panama, if something can go wrong it will and it will happen to you.... Buy your insurance from a licensed Panama insurance broker and make sure they help when you have a claim!


I know this is a bit after the fact, but I have been busy with health
issues. Given that we have both had some very serious health challenges
this year, I am confident that you understand and will agree that health
issues take a much higher priority than what I am about to undertake in
this email.

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As A Man Thinketh!

TestimonialsThe power of belief!

Here is a great article about words/placebos and their effect on our health:


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Kevin's Emergency Operation!

TestimonialsLate in May 2006, after a delicious meal at a well known restaurant in Casco Viejo, I went home to a restless night's sleep and some stomach discomfort. By morning, a distinct pain had developed similar to the "upset stomach" I had experienced occasionally after a spicy meal.

My amateur medical self-diagnosis dictated that I stay home and treat the condition with Pepto-Bismol and Alka-Seltzer. Boy, was I ever wrong!

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BUPA saved his leg!

TestimonialsHello Kevin

This is Dave and Micheline Fallis. We were the ones calling you from Canada, to find out how to get our B.U.P.A. going. Dave was the guy with the leg infection so bad,that they thought that they were going to amputate.

I have to tell you we have become the Bupa poster children. They were amazing. When Dave finally walked out of that hospital 10 weeks later, 8 with both legs ) every bill was paid.

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Note of Appreciation!

TestimonialsHola Kevin,

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the kind
warm welcome to Panama. It's so important to make a
stranger feel welcome in a new enviroinment. At times
I wonder if I have made the right decision to live in
Panama. But it's meeting people like you and your
staff that make me know I have,indeed, done the right
thing. So join me on this new adventure. I will
probably be calling again regarding some simple
problems as a I learn the ropes of being a Panamian!

Sandra Daniel
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Kevin is Expat Friendly

TestimonialsFrom EXPATS IN PANAMA "Expat Friendly Businesses"

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Beyond the Extra Step!

TestimonialsJanuary 13. 2005

Grupo Central De Seguros
Centro Comercial
La Colmena, Calle 50
Apartado 7343
Zona 5, Panama

Attn: Kevin Bradley

Beyond The Extra Step,

In December of 2003, I moved to Panama after many visits to this country in the previous two years. After witnessing the traffic in Panama City, I knew I needed automobile insurance before I ever considered getting under the wheel. I approached Kevin Bradley (who came with many high recommendations) regarding my insurance needs. He promptly took care of my needs with adequate coverage at the most competitive rates....